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All Natural Cleaning Hack:DIY Leather & Wood Cleaner

Hear is a quick hack to DIY green Leather & Wood Cleaner

Wood dinning table set rusticly fancy
DIYing my wood cleaner

One day I was using a commercial wood cleaner/polish and I thought gosh I made my own tub scrub and multipurpose cleaner, it can't be complicated to make a healthier cheaper wood polish... so I looked it up in a book... thought just olive oil and lemon oil... I tried that and did not love it but it worked as a polish. So I did some research and created mine.

Leather Chair with coffee cup, throw pillow, and blanket.

Tip #1 - DIY Green Cleaning is Easy, Cheeper, and Healthier...

Basic wood & leather polish is made of the same thing! Its a a highly absorbable oil and an astringent.

Tip #2 - Vinegar is a very basic DIY cleaner

I added white vinegar, or your cheapest clean vinegar, technically you can create vinegar from water I just recently learned. Blew my mind. I pretty much use white vinegar in all of my DIY Cleaners. If you have an allergy to white vinegar you can definitely make your own or use apple cider vinegar in cleaners.

"I make no secret that I would rather lie on the sofa then sweep beneath it. But your going to have to be efficient if your going to be lazy" – Shirley Conran

Tip #3 - Fleas hate Cedarwood

Dog in field

I don't do bugs!! I'm from Alaska, born and raised and started raising my children there tell my oldest was nearly 16, and in Alaska there are very few types of bugs. We had moved to the Seattle Area, Gig Harbor, and there are a whole lot of bugs there we did not have in Alaska. Bugs including flees!! We both had deer that came through our yard and apparently bough hay for our nesting boxes that had fleas in it. Well our dog got them. He got them bad! And I HATE bugs in my house. So beside giving him an essential oil flea bath, doing diffuser bombs, using essential oiled diatomaceous earth in my carpet, vacuuming and washing every surface he touched, I needed to clean the leather couches. I did NOT want them jumping off him and getting in the cloth under it to come out and get the rest of us!! I had a Leather recipe, and I knew the oils fleas hated. So I added Cedarwood to my blend. I found I liked it more than I did with just lemon and now it had the added bonus of keeping away bugs!

- Leather & Wood Cleaner

Leather & Wood Cleaner Recipe
Leather & Wood Cleaner

Just mix up your 1/2 cup Vinegar, 1/2 cup Olive Oil, 16-20 drops Lemon essential oil and 6 drops of Cedarwood essential oil in a glass or hardy plastic spray bottle like hardware store sell for cleaners, shake and spray. I prefer to use a microfiber cloth with mine. Just make sure to label it so your hubby or kids don't spray it on the counters! Yeah that has happened more then once.

Being Green is Easy!!

Green Cleaning is easier, cheeper, and healthier for you and your environment. Vinegar is a basis for cleaning. Bugs, microscopic and creepy crawly ones, don't like oils so use that to your advantage. Keep it simple and try it. Buy the best Quality Lemon & Cedarwood Now .

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