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Tub Scrub!!!!

Little L and I refilling Tub Scrub containers

This post was originally posted in 2013!! I will be updating it with a video...

The first cleaning product I converted to all natural was hand soap, then hand purifier & counter cleaner... Then tub cleaner.  I realized I was scrubbing my children's tub then setting them in the rinsed toxic soup bowl.  

Note: The bottom of our feet absorb quickly topically.  So I just put toxic chemicals in my tub & then set my child in it after I rinsed said tub. Ack! My point is to clean it for my children not poison them with toxic chemicals from the tub & then clean them too. So I hunted up the Tub Scrub recipe that day 10 years ago. And our family has been using it ever since.

So you're probably wondering what Tub Scrub is.  Well it's a very easy recipe I found on a blog, a past student posted. I reduced the essential oil amounts to suit my highest quality oils (about 1/2) & tweaked the oils to suit, the recipe a tad, & then tweaked the name to suit my brain.

We call it Tub Scrub, I forget what the gal who created the original recipe called it.  The word grout was in it...  Whoever you were, thank you.

We use tub scrub to clean sinks, counters, tile, grout, tubs and shower bases, shower glass, soap scum & mildew, we use it on natural stone, porcelain +. <update: we have used on jewelry, and bowls with oil messes from making concoctions-hooray!>

It's easy, so gentle, and does such a job that you can scrub with your fingers -we usually do. It is even more thorough with a scrubby sponge of course.  But we tend to clean them when we are in the bathroom & notice the area needs assistance.  We keep ours in flip top jars.

Ikea had the jar's for $1 at one time, Natural Pantry & Fredy's has them in Anchorage, Alaska. Its just a jar but I think they are cute, but any wide mouth container you can get your hand in that seals in moisture will do.

Tub Scrub


16 oz wide mouth container with tight lid.

1 Cup Baking Soda

3 Tbl Castile Soap 

1ish tea Corn Starch (concave)

1 Tbl+ White Vinegar


8 drop Wild Orange

7 drop Tea Tree (Melaleuca) 

5 drop Peppermint

Mix your 1st 4 ingredients.  I use a chopstick or a butter knife. You will get bubbly action when you add the vinegar. I do a double batch to fill my containers & make it one batch on top of the last so as not to overflow the container when I add my vinegar. After your 4 ingredients are mostly mixed add your oils.  Then mix more.  Should be about toothpaste consistency.

About that cornstarch- honestly I use a teaspoon that I concave slightly with my finger which is about 1/4 T. 

Make sure you keep the lid tight when not in use or the oils will dissipate & the scrub will thicken.  If you need it thinner add a bit more vinegar. Remember your oils will thin it a bit.

Have fun cleaning.  My 6 yr old (She is 13 now and the love is not as big as a teen.) loves cleaning the sinks & showers with me.  It's like finger painting with great purpose & you can see the wonderful results before your eyes.

I have an Oil4That.


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