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About Me

Heather Kirn is mother to 5+ his 4, homeschooler and author. She is a Bastyr trained Aromatherapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Homepath, Generational Therapist, doTERRA Platinum, Success Trainer, Holisting Health Educator, apothecary junky, and finishing her certifications as an Essential Emotions Coach, in Ayurvedic Nutrition, and as a Yoga Teacher while trying to keep all the balls in the air. People from all over the world seek out her blends and protocols.


Originally from Alaska she now lives in South East Idaho with her 2 youngest and her husband. For fun she likes to hike, kayak, snorkel, travel, DYI, go Antiquing, play in her garden, and explore while hanging out with friends and family. She loves to honor connecting with her people and helping them move forward. Heather adores meeting new people and authentically loving them for their individual greatness while bringing an infectious energy and excitement for life as she includes everyone in the fun!!

I teach others how to achieve health through natural solutions. Appointments are available for consultations or classes. Specializing in Aromatherapy, herbs, and homepathics used therapeutically. I love guiding people to find the answers to their health. I love sharing the hope and health available to all naturals.

I've used essential oils for 27 years and never found anything like dōTERRA's quality. I've used herbs & homeopathic for 22 years and generational healing for 19. It's very exciting what we can achieve with essential oils, great nutrition and hope.

I am inspired while watching individuals & families blossom into a greater version of themselves as they heal.

I conquered MS in 2010. I discovered dōTERRA and used it to help support my body to greater health. Today, I am healthy and strong and have made incredible strides in living a vibrant healthy life.


While western medicine would say the MS went benign, I say its gone and I've not had to deal with its left over symptoms since around 2013. I believe that hope, optimism, determination, good nutrition, and dōTERRA's essentials oils can help us all get where we want to be as part of a healthy life. I share this plan & hope with others to help them find their path to health and vitality.


I am the author of Conquer the MonSter coming out soon. The tale of my recovery from MS and guide to help us all conquer our monsters in life.

Please let me know how I can serve you. 


Some things that make me unique.

I love to do everything in a way that honors connecting with my people and helping them move forward. I adore meeting new people and authentically loving them while bringing an infectious energy and excitement for life sharing exuberant joy. My words pique interest, sharpen ones world, and inspire to action. I am unapologetically spontaneous and excel at improvising. While I help others to seize the moment with my imagination to wade through the possibilities and find the best route forward. I come up with oodles of ideas seeing the patterns in life while being blessed to discern and understand the feelings of others, consequently helping them develop their positive personality traits that will bring them progress and happiness. I see people’s greatness and encourage them while including everyone in the fun!! Creating momentum, I get things done.

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