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2 Secrets to Staying Healthy!

My Naturopath back in Alaska told me 2 secrets to staying healthy. 

Two things that when he tells patients he never sees them back in his office.  Only out and about. Xylitol toothpaste.

He said our standard toothpaste, most of us use actually does such a good job cleaning they scrub away part of the immune system.  The sentinel, if you will, that warns our immune system of invaders.  If we eliminated this critical member of our deference, our down time can increase exponentially.  Our sick time went way down when we switched over to xylitol toothpastes, you could say it even plummeted when we switched toothpastes and got rid of our paraffin candles.

So when protective blend toothpaste came out and it was a xylitol, the whole family had to all try it. They said it had the protective benefits of the protective blend while also reducing plaque, and whitening teeth and of course we already knew how amazing the protective blend is. What a great idea to bring Xylitol toothpaste and the protective essential oil blend together.  At first it took a little getting used to not having mint flavored toothpaste, but the whole family quickly loved it!  I'd say the 3rd time we brushed with it we were happy with the new flavor.

The only phone call about a this brand of product I  have ever have received from one family member, who uses and  loves them daily, said he did not have dragon breath in the morning. I did realize how huge that was.  Did I realize how many years it had been since he had woken with safe breath. Then I realized I did not have dragon breath either. Neither did my husband. Very Cool!  

The dentist could not hardly find any tartar to scrap on the whole family and our gums and teeth looked perfect. They had to look at our x-rays to locate any tartar to scrap.  Shortest scraping time ever!

Of course eating healthy and regular brushing is needed for healthy teeth.  We brush our teeth 2 time a day. <I have latter discovered a couple of the children were only brushing 1x a day -eek> That's it.  I'm sure the children have missed now and again and they still had brilliant healthy teeth.  The dentist & hygienists had never seen anything like our families mouths they said, and we had not been in to the dentist for cleaning in years.  I know not good, but it does make the results all the more impressive. I had spaced it with the move.

The only other thing we have done.  Lemon a couple times on a couple of us after brushing to help whiten teeth.  1 drop Lemon on the toothbrush after brushing is what we did. A couple of us have done a couple of oil pulls when we were fighting something.  That's it.  Nothing else constantly.  Oh, we do all take our vitamins. Which are amazing vitamins, best I've taken and I thought I was taking the best before.  So help with general health and probably had an impact as well.

So the 2 secrets from my Naturopath?  No candles except beeswax candles and change to Xylitol toothpaste.  

Then we increased our up time exponential again when we discovered by favorite essential oil brand and then their protective Toothpaste. 

There really is an


From the original Oil4That blog 2013

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