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What's Bugging You?

TerraShield is a family's favorite blend for the summer. We spend a lot of time outside and this is the magic that wards off any insects that want to join our summer festivities. Buzz off nasties! This oil is safe for everyone in the family and can even help your garden flourish by giving it a protective barrier. TerraShield has recently been updated to include Tamanu oil which not only provided extra benefits for your use but is positively impacting families in Madagascar through doTERRA's Co-Impact Sourcing. 

But there is more Oh yes there is more. Have you ever talked to a friend who has morning sickness and now you suddenly are having a bit of indigestion? We call it feeling sorry for someone and taking on their stuff or being empathetic- literally feeling their pain.

TerraShield appears to inspires not only

negative unfriendlies outside to go away but on others too. By this, I mean negative people or jut protect us from taking on their junk. This happens to most people to some degree where we are affected by others yucky energy. Now your thinking that's brilliant but I'm not ready to walk around stinking toward on negativity. Oh but BONUS it smells good. On me, TerraShield smells like Chocolate Chip Cookie! Yes, Chocolate Chip Cookies. One of my daughters smells like vanilla sugar cookies. Now you might be thinking sure maybe a little. No. On me it smells just like chocolate chip cookies so much my husband came home one day upon giving me a hug he got excited that I had made chocolate chip cookie and started looking for them...but I did not, but I had been hiking with the kids and had TerraShield on. He thought that was a dirty trick so you might want to keep some

cookies around, just in case, to spare yourself the grief of hungry husbands with a hankering for cookies. ;)

This blend can be diffused or applied topically using the TerraShield Spray (my favorite way to use for the great outdoors) to provide a defense against the annoyances of outdoor activities. Learn more about this blend by clicking here or click here to read more about the spray. How have you used it to keep your family protected?

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From original Oil4That Blog 2013

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