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What is Your Favorite Essential Oil?

What is your favorite essential oil?  

If you had one oil you could take with you on a deserted desert island what would it be?

If I HAD to pick it would be Lavender.  Lavender, Peppermint, and Frankincense are my when in doubt go to oils. Body's can miss behave and Lavender calms them down.  If you have something acting out and you feel like giving that part of your body a time out to calm down...try lavender.  If its one thing I need in my busy life it is a bit more calm.  Note my life is busy because I would not have it any other way, yet because of this I need calm to have a balanced life. 

Favorite times to use Lavender: deodorant, soothing irritated skin, stress, tense shoulders, occasional sleep needs, diaper area, ears, dry or irritated eyes, calms my frizzy hair, cuts the smell of vinegar in cleaners, refreshing and encourages me to breathe deeper, also for seasonal discomforts, in the dryer, & balancing to the body.

 Feel free to ask me what recipes I use.

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First Published on original Oil4That blog in 2013

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